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StartUp Certificates

In order to value, evaluate and distinguish your Startup, Futurale Canada with the collaboration of Methodologica Governance University (France), delivers international and advanced certificates to applicants from all over the world.

The CFC, SIMAC 4000


Startup and innovation management certificate issued by Futurale Canada confirm and approve:

  1. Your personal competence in managing a Startup
  2. The veracity of your Startup project
  3. The solidity of your business plan and business model
  4. Your knowledge of the European and Canadian market
  5. Your language skills to manage and develop your Startup
  6. Your skills in Project Management
  7. The values and the technological and innovative level of your Startup

Each certificate has its own terms, criteria, and various stages according to European and especially Canadian standards. The reference of all certificates issued will be available on the Futurale Canada website.


SIMTEC (Startup & Industrial Management Technology Certificate) is a Canadian certificate which guarantees the strict application of the standards and criteria of the technological, commercial and industrial environments of Canada by startup projects. This certificate approves the solidity of the business plan, technological aspect, and market studies, Product Management, Sales & Business Development, Marketing & Design and finally the capacity and potential of carrying out a startup project in Canada. SIMTEC allows the startups owners to consolidate their project and increase the possibility and the chance of finding investors.
SIMTEC will be delivered by experts and an international institute for the standardization of personal and professional skills. SIMTEC reassures and guarantees the veracity of projects and allows improving Startup efficiency. This certificate is designed to help you acquire the skills needed to start up your own business.


ICLP (International Certificate of language proficiency)
In this step we have planned 3 types of services for applicants:
1. The intensive preparation courses for the IELTS exam (online and face-to-face) and others exams as TEF & TCF
2. Special courses, adapted to the needs of applicants in the fields of Management, Marketing, business, startup, finance, etc.
3. Pitch & Presentation in English and French
After each step, candidates will receive a certificate from MGU

3 - PIAPS SYSTEM services for Startup

In this part and within the framework of PIAPS SYSTEM, the platform intelligence of strategic foresight, you will learn and practice and finalize your business model and business plan, conceptualized and created by MGU. Our models are created according to new criteria and new versatile and multi-aspect methods.

4 - PMPS for Startup

  • Project management
  • Professional Skills

Applicants who achieve this certificate will be able to lead and manage a business or startup anywhere in the world. It is an international certificate that confirms the skills of those who want to create a startup and realize a new and original idea. This certificate allows you to be recognized by other startups and especially by investors.


(SISTAR SYSTEM Certificate for the Startup project)

SISTAR SYSTEM is a new methods and criteria to assess the level of your project in the different fields. Our ranking system confirms the reliability, viability and finally the solidity of your plan, especially for the creation of a startup. By SISTAR SYSTEM you will consolidate your project and the different stages of its realization.