. Sponsors

Here are some key advantages of having sponsors for a Futurale Foresight Forum 2024:


  1. Financial Support:

– Sponsors provide much-needed financial support, helping cover event expenses such as venue rental, marketing, technology, and logistics. This allows organizers to host a more comprehensive and successful forum.

Different Sponsorship Levels:

– Sponsor (Gold):          50,000 $

– Sponsor (Silvers):          30,000 $

– Sponsor (Bronze):          15,000 $


  1. Enhanced Visibility and Exposure:

– Sponsors gain exposure to a diverse and international audience attending the forum. This exposure can lead to increased brand recognition and visibility among participants, stakeholders, and industry professionals.

– . All Forum debates will be broadcast live on the Futurale TV platform: www.futurale.tv

– The registration date for the Forum is February 1, 2024, online, and only on the Futurale Canada website:



– Sponsors, based on the chosen category, will have the opportunity to broadcast advertising videos for their organizations or institutions during the Forum (Live), as well as on the Futurale TV platform before and after the forum.


  1. Networking Opportunities:

   – Sponsors often have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions, workshops, and exclusive events, facilitating direct interactions with forum attendees. This can lead to valuable connections and partnerships.


  1. Brand Association and Credibility:

– Sponsoring a reputable international forum enhances a company’s brand image and credibility. It signals to the audience that the sponsor is committed to supporting industry discussions and staying at the forefront of relevant topics.


  1. Access to Target Audience:

– Sponsors can tailor their involvement to reach specific target audiences attending the forum. This direct access allows sponsors to showcase their products, services, or expertise to a relevant and engaged audience.


  1. Marketing and Promotion:

– Sponsors benefit from the forum’s marketing and promotional efforts, including online and offline campaigns. This can include logo placement, mentions in promotional materials, and recognition during event announcements.


  1. Content Integration:

– Sponsors often have the opportunity to contribute to the forum’s content, whether through keynote speeches, panel discussions, or workshops. This provides a platform for sponsors to share their knowledge and insights with the forum audience.


  1. Customized Activation Opportunities:

– Sponsors can tailor their involvement to meet specific marketing goals. This may include sponsoring specific sessions, hosting branded lounges or booths, and distributing promotional materials, creating a customized and impactful presence.


  1. Made to measure:

All Forum sponsorships are established on a “made to measure” basis to satisfy the requirements and preferences of individual sponsors.


Sponsors list


. Partnership

. Here are key aspects to consider regarding partners for Futurale Foresight Forum 2024:

(different types of partnerships)


  1. Title partnership:

– In a title sponsorship, a partner’s brand is prominently featured in the event’s title. This is often the primary sponsor and typically receives maximum visibility and recognition.


  1. Exclusive partnership:

– Exclusive partnerships grant a partner exclusivity in a specific category or industry. For example, a technology company might have exclusive rights to sponsor and showcase its products and services.


  1. Media Partnership:

– Media partners collaborate on promotional efforts, extending the forum’s reach through various media channels. This can include coverage, interviews, and promotional content in print, online, or broadcast media.


  1. Community Partner:

– Community partnerships involve collaborating with local or international organizations that represent specific communities or interest groups. This helps in reaching a more targeted audience.


  1. Knowledge Partner:

– Knowledge partners contribute expertise, research, or content related to the forum’s theme. They often participate in panel discussions, and workshops, or provide insights to enhance the forum’s content.





  1. Technology Partner:

– Technology partners provide support in terms of event technology, apps, or virtual platforms. They play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and technologically advanced forum experience.


  1. Academic Partner:

– Academic partnerships involve collaboration with educational institutions. This can include universities or research organizations contributing to the forum’s intellectual content and discussions.


  1. Government or Institutional Partnership:

– Collaborating with government bodies or international institutions can provide a forum with credibility and support. Such partnerships may involve endorsements, funding, or participation in sessions.


  1. Exhibition or Expo Partner:

– Partners specializing in exhibitions or expos may support the forum by organizing and managing exhibition spaces where companies can showcase their products and services.


  1. Start-up or Innovation Partner:

– Partnerships with start-ups or innovation-focused entities can bring a fresh perspective to the forum, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and ideas.


  1. Sustainability Partner:

– In line with growing environmental awareness, a sustainability partner may focus on promoting eco-friendly practices and initiatives throughout the forum.


  1. Cultural Partner:

– Cultural partnerships involve collaboration with organizations that promote arts, culture, or heritage. This can add a cultural dimension to the forum, incorporating artistic performances or exhibitions.


  1. Charity or Social Impact Partner:

– Partnerships with charitable or social impact organizations allow the forum to contribute to a social cause, and promote a sense of corporate social responsibility.


Tailoring partnerships to the specific goals and themes of the Futurale Foresight Forum ensures that each collaboration adds value and contributes to the overall success of the event.



There will be no financial commitment for any type of partners of the Forum, However, our partners will have specific benefits according to their categories.



MOU example for partnership:

You can upload the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), fill it out, sign it, and send it to this address: contact@futurale.org