SIAP Services

1- Consulting Services for Startups proposed by our Canadians and international experts in FUTURALE (1. Strategy 2. Marketing 3. Compliance 4. Financial 5.IT/ Technology 6. Legal)
2- Infrastructure optimization and other technology services for startups
3. Full cycle of IT services for startups
4. Writing a complete and evaluate a Business Plan (In English and French)

FUTURALE Business Model (FBM)

FUTURALE Business Plan (FBP)

5. Startup Pitch Presentation by FUTURALE TV
6. Find an angel investor; raise capital for your startup in Canada
7. Market optimization for New Startups
8. Build Social Media Presence for Your Startup (Social media optimization)
9- Planning and designing a training session (Courses, Personalized Workshop and, AMC (Advanced Master Class, tutorial expertise)
10- Design and Planning Startup Business Forum, events, meeting, face to face or online, create a Forum (Online) for your Startup