PIAPS Services


The services offered by PIAPS encompass a diverse range of offerings meticulously designed to support informed decision-making and facilitate long-term planning. Key aspects of the platform’s services include:


– Generating customized reports tailored to specific organizational needs.

– Evaluating and analyzing competitors’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to inform strategic positioning and gain a competitive edge.

– Monitoring ongoing trends, mega-trends, and emerging phenomena to keep organizations informed about industry developments and potential disruptions.

– Analyzing reaction times (RT).

– Creating various scenarios to prepare organizations for diverse possible futures, thereby facilitating robust and flexible strategic planning.

– Implementing Analytical Online Clickable Dashboards.

– Utilizing the Problem Diagnosis Process & Solutions.

– Developing a strategic planning sheet, Foresight Quadrant 8S of Futurale Canada.

– Crafting optimization reports.

– Formulating a value proposition through the adoption of new technologies, differentiating from competitors.

– Overhauling or repairing existing strategies and business models.

– Offering smart clickable online dashboards.

– Conducting strategic modeling and operational simulation.


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