Futurale MultiMedia

To present our services in various fields, FUTURALE focuses on media and audio-visual products with the collaboration of its international partners.
In the multimedia section, we prepare various programs which include:

Our multimedia programs will be carried out within the following frameworks:

  •  Apply new visions, analysis methods and tools of strategic foresight
  • Apply new methods in management advice
  • Use the first intelligent platform of strategic foresight analysis in the various fields


- Consulting Program
- Interviews with International Experts
- Practical Education Program (Courses and Workshops)
- Documentaries on Business and Global Market Developments
- Program analyzes of the market, the Stock market and the Economic and financial orientations
- Coaching Program (for Business Leaders, Startups, Managers, Consultants, etc)
- Presentation Program of Companies and Products
- Strategic Foresight Program


We produce various podcasts that will help you manage your business. These thematic podcasts can improve your personal and professional development plan.

Our podcasts are a tool for you to understand the techniques of promoting your business.



The VIDEOS section has two different parts:


The videos produced by FUTURALE with the aim of deepening your professional and personal skills.


Second part is devoted to you, your ideas, and your businesses. Then it is your videos pitch. You have 3 minutes to present your skills, your ideas for startup, present your own company, your products and services. The pitches will be selected by our experts in the CESCO program
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