In the context of the EQUALMETHOD’s program, FUTURALE with MG University offer a service dedicated to managers, startup owners, consultants etc. EQUALMETHOD is a standardization method that verifies and approves the veracity and professional values of certificates obtained outside of Canada.
The purpose of the qualifications frameworks is to facilitate comparison of qualifications and condition levels of different countries and to promote mobility and enduring learning. Each level in the qualifications frameworks defines the academic knowledge and practical capability achieved by an individual who has completed a qualification, curriculums or competence module at that level.
In addition, accreditation or a credit transfer system is implemented so that each learner can apply for accreditation or transfer credit from existing knowledge or experience assessment of a learner.
Our Equivalency Certificate is a document issued from the Methodologica Governance University that is required by those who studied or will continues theirs studies in Europe. Its purpose is to equate the international certificate obtained to the standard required by the EU.
Only the document holder can apply for an Equivalency Certificate although you can receive assistance in preparing the supporting documents.

Who needs an Equivalency Certificate? How do I get an Equivalency Certificate?

Not all those who have completed a part of theirs academic need an Equivalency Certificate – attesting your level and qualification is usually sufficient to continue your academic or professional career in Europe.

MGU Equivalency document is most often required by those in Higher Education positions (eg university professors or students)  and other professionals in scientific fields.
For those in the professions  fields (humans sciences) who are thinking about coming to work in the EU, you will want to investigate this as early on in your relocation process as possible. Getting the certificate issued can take a long time, as can organizing all the required supporting documents needed for the application. Some institutes/employers even place a deadline on the job offer based on you getting your Equivalency Certificate.

The issuing body for Equivalency Certificates is the Methodologica Governance University. However, you will need to ensure you have all the required supporting documents prior to submitting your application.

While you can be asked to obtain an Equivalency Certificate EQUALMETHOD for any documents (International Certificate), we will provide some guidance on getting one for a PhD degree.

First, you will need to ensure that you have the following documents to hand:

  • Original Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees (Certificate)
  • Original transcripts related to Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees
  • CV
  • Passport copy
  • Awards
Fill EQUALMETHOD Application