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A. Trend Cards & News

Future Content:

Explore trends, phenomena, weak signals, and wild cards meticulously curated and regularly updated by a team of futurists.

Validated Database:

Gain access to in-depth details of intriguing trends from a reliable source through our validated database.

Compact Summaries:

Retrieve concise summaries of broader topics to grasp the bigger picture effortlessly.

Content Across Industries:

Recognize that the most disruptive changes often originate from outside your own industry.

Daily Updating News:

Stay informed with our daily newsfeed on phenomena, ensuring you are up-to-date on the latest global developments.



B. Adaptable Content

All-in-One Database:

Enhance your workspace by adding your signals, trends, and insights to the comprehensive database.

Content Adjustment:

Tailor the content on the platform to align with your specific needs and preferences.


Select a futurist-created radar that is pertinent to your projects and easily customize it to suit your requirements.



C. Collaborative Tools

Online Solution:

Enable your team members to log in and participate seamlessly from anywhere through our online solution.


Prioritize trends collaboratively to facilitate decision-making processes.


Conduct further analysis of key trends and assess them within a 2-by-2 matrix for comprehensive evaluation.


Gather insights from participants and encourage ongoing dialogue about future developments.


Efficiently collect signals directly into the platform from your employees, customers, or external experts.