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  1. Developing strategic reports using foresight methods, incorporating both American and French methodologies.
  2. Creating goal-oriented summary reports (les fiches de synthèse).
  3. Applying the Strategic Foresight Radar.
  4. Formulating strategic counter reports.
  5. Monitoring trends, mega-trends, data, events, and more.
  6. Conducting semantic analysis and process management-based evaluations.
  7. Analyzing competitors’ reports through competitive analysis (L’analyse concurrentielle).
  8. Utilizing the digital strategy steering system to enhance strategic reports.
  9. Employing 83 software, methods, foresight, and analysis tools.
  10. Collaborating with international foresight and research companies.
  11. Engaging with international foresight professionals to create strategic foresight reports.
  12. Publishing strategic foresight reports for politicians, organizations, and more.
  13. Scenario Planning and Environmental Scanning.
  14. Providing strategic decision support.